Advanced Solutions


For Sustainable Brand Growth


RAM (Research into Aspirations and Motivations)

Identifies the most profitable consumer segments and detects the key marketing mix elements to optimize their acquisition.

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BEAM (Brand Equity and Affinity Measurement)

Identifies the most powerful consumer wants that are in scarce supply on the market and points out what are those that need to be addressed to drive brand growth.

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ICOM (Integrated Communication Measurement)

Identifies the optimal communication mix to drive shares and maximize return on investment

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For Topical Problem Solving

Ideal Path Detector

IDP (Ideal Path Detector)

Shows the brand what path will bring it closer to the ideal the consumer is aspiring to.

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Teamwork or building bridges concept with a businessman and woman holding wooden building blocks to form a bridge over a gap while clasping hands in the background.

MGI (Market Gap Identifier)

Finds out unmet consumer demands for a category and points out to the opportunities arising from addressing them.

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IMPACT Analysis

Prioritizes areas of intervention to enhance customer satisfaction

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For Thorough Consumer Understanding


For an unbiased assessment of emotion.

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For an uncontaminated collection of opinions in focus groups.

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Semiotics allow to decode the meaning of words and images to ensure a more impactful communication.

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Reach Studio

For bringing consumers to life.

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