What we do

REACH the Services


Our qualitative department is equipped with the latest tools & technologies to cover a full spectrum of services. It is all bridged together by our highly skilled moderators, trained to elicit insightful views/opinion from respondents by being sensitive to local cultures/customs and research analysts whose expertise and experience enables them best interpret local expressions and look beyond what is said.


  • 7 fully equipped qualitative rooms
  • One-way mirror and video recording
  • Skype and Focus Vision streaming


  • Highly trained moderators
  • Analysts from the local culture able to interpret local expressions
  • Experts into looking beyond what is said


  • Non directive questioning
  • Enabling and projective techniques
  • Group-Meter
  • Online panels and communities
  • Reporting in words, images, and movies


  • Focus Groups
  • Conflict Groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Shopper research
  • In home visits
  • Ethnography

REACH the Services


Our quantitative department is built on robust data collection equipment, rigorous sampling methods and stringent quality control procedures, crowned with superior and analytical power, all aided by our team’s proficiency in applying major analysis software packages as well as development of proprietary software which enables original solutions.


  • 78 CATI stations with recording and sample control facilities
  • 112 CAPI enabled computers with recording and sample monitoring capabilities


  • Training includes role playing
  • Auditing recorded interviews in both CATI and CAPI
  • Flatlining and similarities detection software


  • Random route, random sample where possible
  • Quota controlled mall/ street intercepts
  • Snowballing where uninvited visits are not possible


  • Proficiency in major software packages: SPSS, Sawtooth, Quantum
  • In-house developed softwares for original solutions
  • Online tabulations